Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Maybelline Fit Me

I have been wearing this foundation and concealer every day for a week and I think it is pretty good, here is how I break it down:

Packaging - Average = Glass bottle is good but it would be nice with a pump

Coverage = Fair, it has Light to a buildable medium

Price = Extremely Good! 8$  

Colour Range = Poor, these have very pink undertones and few dark or light shades

Texture = Excellent for dry skin (I have dry skin), very creamy and moisturizing, not good for oily skin

Longevity = Average, nothing to write home about, lasts for average work day but by the end you would 
have to  reapply, that being said I have yet to use a foundation that lasted all day 

Animal Testing = Yes, as they are owned by L'Oreal :(

Fragrance - Yes, but surprisingly it isn't bad. I hate smelly products, especially the ones that smell really floral. This has a slight smell of baby powder ( which is usually yuck for me) but it disappears on the skin and isn't noticeable.

Overall I would rate this product as very good, 4 out of 5. Take into consideration that some of these comments do not apply to me such as, I found a shade that worked for my skin tone and I have dry skin so I liked that this was moisturizing. If you have a darker skin tone or oily skin, this might not work for you. Although I think the foundation is great, I am drawn to the concealer. It is just awesome. I really enjoy it. I find that it provides a great amount of coverage without being cakey and it is really smooth and blendable. 

So those are my thoughts.
What are yours? Do you agree or disagree?
Sunshine and rainbows.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me

Finally, I was able to get my paws on this new foundation and concealer! I will do a full review on this in the future when I have had more time to formulate an opinion but for first impressions; limited colour range, very moisturizing, sheer coverage, slightly smelly, very inexpensive. I found this at Walmart and each, the foundation and concealer, were about 8$.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 115 and corresponding concealer in Fair


Friday, January 21, 2011

NYX Haul!! (mainly)

I happened to come across a several large bins full of marked down NYX Chrome eyeshadow's recently and couldn't help but pick up a few, you know, for the road....

Top Row Left to Right: Apricot, Sunny Day, Lagoon
Middle Row Left to Right: Violet, Green, Yellow, Ocean Blue, KeyLime
Bottom Row Left to Right: Chaotic, Space, Orange  

Left to Right: Apricot, Sunny Day, Orange, *Sun Kissed*

Feenix Cosmetics in Sun Kissed
*Sun Kissed is by a brand called Feenix Mineral Cosmetics, I can't find too much information on them, I think they are primarily carried via Paragon Pharmacy, but I will have to investigate further. I am quite surprised at the quality of this product, it was slightly more expensive than the NYX but as you can see it does have a great colour payoff. I also spotted some matte colours as well that I might just go pick up and give a try, if they can do matte well, they can do anything. I'll keep you posted.

Left to Right: Violet, Space, Chaotic, Ocean Blue, Lagoon
Left to Right: Lagoon, Green, Yellow, Apricot

 (phew! Swatching is hard work!) These were all taken with a flash and without primer. I think I will most likely foil these, as I have hooded eyes and I don't want them to crease. I have to say that these shadows are more pale than the picture is presenting, with the flash they look more like how they are when they have been foiled.
Ocean Blue foiled with eyedrops!

NYX Eyeshadow's in Wild Flower and My Favorite Color

My Favorite Color and Wild Flower

I have to say that I really like Wild Flower, it is smooth and pigmented with frost finish, while My Favorite Color has all of those aspects except for the gianormous chunks of glitter that end up as fallout on my cheeks when I wear it. Which is surprising because I know this is some people's favorite color....

 New HG makeup remover! EVERYONE has been talking about this and I think it is fantastic.

 You get such a big bottle! I hate having to buy makeup remover all the time, and this is nice and light. It feels like water, it does a great job removing makeup and you don't have to rinse your face after you use it (if you don't want to that is). This is a repurchase for me, the first bottle I bought was the smaller one, 250mL, and it lasted me 3 months! So totally worth the price. Awesomeness, check it out!

 Lastly, I saw this lipstick on haul by Sokolum79 on YouTube, and on a whim I bought it. It was super cheap, 2$ or something like that, great colour, really creamy. Pow!
NYC Lipstick in 405B

Emily having bad hair/fabulous lipstick day
 That is all for now! What have YOU been hauling lately!?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why blog?

As a science university student, I found myself desperately seeking a creative outlet, so I have decided to squeeze a blog in between biology and chemistry in hopes of unleashing some bottled up art and good ol'fashion self indulgence unto the beauty community!

Those aren't ski goggles, they are my super cool chemistry lab eye protectors! Seriously don't know why the trend hasn't caught on!??

This will be dedicated to makeup, beauty, and generally any topic that might pop into my head, or yours for that matter!