Monday, June 6, 2011

Canucks Game 3 Makeup

A pinup inspired white cut crease with blue and green;

I am really happy with this look, although it is appearing really blue in the is more defined in real life. This was my first cut crease!

I knew I wanted to use a matte white for this look but I really didn't want to go buy a bunch of highend makeup. I went to the drugstore and started swatching whites, I ended up buying one from NYC, because it was the best I could find, but when I got home I knew it wouldn't work for this look.

 THEN, I remembered Wet n Wild! I rushed out and bought their Pride palette and not only does it have a fantastic matte white, but it has greens and blues I can use for this series too. They should rename it Canucks Pride palette. ;)
Wet'n'Wild on the Left, NYC on the right

I like the makeup brush hair I have stuck to my face, adds a little something extra ya know?
Products Used:


Pride Palette
Jumbo Eyeliner in Milk
Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Black
Voluminous Mascara
Gel eyeliner in Black
Ardell  Lashes
Demi Wispies 


One step foundation in medium
Hoola Bronzer
Hang Loose

Lip stain in Passion
Stila lipgloss...

The best representation of the blue and green!
Go Canucks Go!

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