Saturday, July 23, 2011

IMATS HOARD!!! (and 10 things I learned from my first Imats)

Seems like so little, but it was so much!
10 Things I learned:

1. DO have an idea of what you want, so you spend less time fumbling around.
2. DO wear comfy shoes.
3. DO (do?) a lap of the floor and check for vendors carrying similar items, as they will often mark their products down for competition sake, and you won't risk paying more.
4. DO buy something if it is an original, DON'T wait or you might miss out (my small stippling brush)
5. DO take a small cross body purse, bags are provided there.
6.Do say Hi! to fellow bloggers, vloggers and guru's, don't be shy (like me)
7. Do start with the vendors/products that you don't see everyday
8. Do go early!
9. Do go for BOTH days. I found that once I got home there were a few products that stood out from the hourd. I would have liked to go back and purchase more the second day.
10. Do stop, enjoy, and take pictures! (which I didn't do enough of!)

I wish I could write more but I am soooo tired!!!! It has been a long day! There will be a further breakdown of what I got, thoughts and reviews!
All in all I had an amazing time! I am in makeup shock! (my wallet will require some CPR as well)

Talk to you soon!


  1. It looks like a nice haul, very jealous of the z palettes!

  2. great tips and good haul!
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  3. Wow!!
    It really is such a wonderful haul! Lucky girl! I hope I can attend an IMATS show soon, maybe London next year!
    Thanks for the useful tips, definitely helpful!