Thursday, July 28, 2011

Imats hoard - brushes (and welcome)

Hello lovely ladies!

It is nice to see some new faces around here and let me be the first to welcome you to my lil makeup corner of the internet! :)  Alright, on with the show!


At Imats Vancouver there were a few vendors selling brushes including Crown brushes, Royal & Langnickel (which I believe are one of the imats sponsors) and another Japanese brand which I had not heard of (Haruhodo?).

At first I went to Crown, but was rather disappointed at the quality of their brushes. I could see some of the display brushes already shedding and the bristles felt rather rough and scratchy.

The Japanese brand brushes were incredibly soft and well made but at close to a hundred dollars per brush (and those were imats prices!) I felt I could find a better deal elsewhere.

SO off to Royal & Langnickel it was. I found they had the largest selection of brushes. Their stand included brushes ranging from synthetic to natural bristles, different colours, different sets, and at a variety of price ranges which was nice.

Here is what I hauled!

Silk Collection- Pointed Dome Powder C130 

I really wanted this brush to be like the MAC 138 tapered brush that I often see Tanya from Pixi2woo use for bronzer and highlight but I don't think it is a dupe. The bristles on this brush are far too long and it isn't as pointed. I think this brush would be better for applying loose powder (like the names says).

Silk Collection - Foundation C141

This flat top kabuki like brush is one my cousin swears by to apply her foundation. It feels pretty soft and has densely packed bristles. I have given it a try with my foundation and it seemed to work even on my dry skin but time will have to tell on this one.

Silk Collection - Contour Blush C125

This brush, like the pointed dome, has those long bristles which give a very light application. I think I prefer a brush with shorter bristles for more control, but we shall see...

Silk Collection - Blush Brush C190

Okay, this brush is da bomb. It makes the others look like a joke! Did I really need another blush brush? No, (espc. considering I wear mostly cream blushes) But this brush stands out from the rest. I think that this must be natural bristles, while the others are synthetic, because it is SO soft! When I saw it I couldn't put it down. I love how soft it is and how it is cut into a perfectly tapered dome. If I had of gone back for day 2 at imats I would have looked for more brushes like these. I don't even want to use it...

Silk Collection - Crease C430
MAC 224 on right, C430 on left
Can't have too many of these blending type brushes. Here it is compared to the MAC224. It isn't quite as full and is shorter..

Silk Collection - Brow/Lash Groomer C521-S

A pretty boring brush, yet very difficult to find. You would think I would be able to pick up one of these bad boys at any drugstore but no...

All in all I think these brushes cost me under 60$. Not too shabby!


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