Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 wants,5 impulse!

Wet'n'wild Comfort Zone palett
e- I managed to get a hold of this while a friend was traveling in the USA. 
I love it!! I can't believe how amazing these shadows are! I have been using them everyday. WANT

Wet'n'wild Night Elf palette - Bought this when I was still on a high from the Comfort Zone. IMPULSE

EOS lipbalm - I have been lusting after these for years and they were right under my nose, in the local Rexal drugstore!!! Mind you they were on the very bottom shelf...WANT

Annabelle bronzer in Borabora Sun - For some reason I had to have this...packaging is nice, I like the 4 different shades, it is only a little shimmery, is a bit powdry however, so does require some extra TLC when applying but..IMPULSE

Annabelle Volume Lip lipgloss-....but the model looked so good with it on! I couldn't help it! Decent packaging, like the colour, it brings out peachy tones in nude lipstick particularly well, does not plump lips whatsoever..IMPULSE

L'Oreal  Nude Lipstick #235 - Went in on buy get one with my mom (she made me) and it is okay, it is moisturizing but has a little of that perfumey old lady smell, colour is same as my lips.. IMPULSE

Marcelle Moisture Rich Foundation in Barely There - the name speaks for it self on this one, it is really moisturizing but the pigmentation is brutal, it is more like a tinted moisturizer...in fact they probably have more coverage...I don't want a lot of coverage for the summer though, so this works, NEEDS to be applied with a brush, I don't hate it...IMPULSE

Annabelle Eyeliner in Mink - I have been looking for a brown eyeliner for a while and I bought this because it was the only brown that didn't have red undertones, it is a cooltoned greyish brown, which I like, formula isn't the best but that is what you get....WANT

Featuring: Annabelle bronzer, and lipgloss, Marcelle foundation as well as Comfort Zone palette

I need help.

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  1. The lipgloss really suits you. And the bronzer compliments your skin tone nicely :)