Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I wouldn't say I'm snobby....

but when it comes to some drugstore brands... you know...I prefer not to own them. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping at the drugstore but I usually stick to Revlon, or L'Oreal.

When I think of Wet'n'Wild, it reminds me of this little bottle of chippy bubblegum pink nailpolish I had when I was 9....that and a water park.

Anyways, it is not a brand I shop ever usually, but I had to pick something up from the new coloricon (color -eye-con, color-i-con?) range. I have heard so much about them in the beauty community but I was feeling skeptical...

(I actually made a friend buy these first, as she is new to makeup and didn't want to spend lots of money. I then saw how awesome they were and I got jealous and had to buy my own :p)

Wet'n'Wild Eyeshadow Palettes, Greed (left)  and Lust (right)

The pigmentation is amazing! SO rich! AND they actually do matte colours!! Not just shadow with less glitter (as I am sure you have experience before at the drugstore, when purchasing matte shadows). MATTE!

I am super impressed with these, they have great colours and are so cheap, 8$ or something ridiculous like that.

If I HAD to say SOMETHING bad about these eyeshadows it would be that they are a little powdery which causes the colour to splash over to other eye shadows in the quad, leading to mixing of colours. It can make them a little difficult to work with but still worth it.
( That is something I don't think MAC gets enough credit for - their shadows are soft but often don't fluff everywhere).

Have you tried these yet?

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