Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday morning ramble

Good morning! I was pretty early this morning, (for a Sunday) as I fell asleep reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night ( I am just getting into this book, a little late). I have had such a hectic two weeks, including midterms, lab reports and a birthday (the big 25!). Soooooo I am a little far behind on my blog updating, was planning to do a birthday makeup look (a la MAC), haul, Valentine's Day look..ramble....another haul...BUT I have the week (reading break) and should be able to catch up. 

Still procrastinating however... have you seen the goodies on ???? Majorly delicious, they have cupcakes on a stick! Come to think of it don't celebs like Lauren Conrad love these? Contemplating trying a recipe for V Day...doubt they will look as good though... that is the thing about baking though, even if it look like crap it will still taste delicious! 
Ooo and also planning on making the bf a cutesy card for tomorrow as well AND it is my turn to plan our day tomorrow (suggestions?)  .... wow I have a lot of stuff to do, not to mention homework and laundry! Better get going, I'll keep you posted.
How are you getting ready for Valentine's Day?

Cupcakes on a stick 

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