Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Relovin' MAC - Why I left, what brought me back, will I still use?

So, recently I have been really into a couple of my old, long lost, MAC products. These once loved products had gotten buried under new up and coming products and impulse buys.. :( poor products. 

At the top MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden, MAC Paints in Bare Canvas (middle), and  Magrittes (bottom)

MAC's bronzing powder in Refined Golden, has been with me for a while, I believe that this one is my second or third repurchase. 

Why I left? I was using this as a contour and began to become concerned with looking too sparkly, as I do like my eyes to twinkle, I felt like it was becoming too much in combination with everything. Also, Benefit's Hoola came a callin'.

What brought me back? On my b-day the MA used this to tan up my face, I was not expecting her to choose this colour, but I noticed that it gave my skin a really beautiful glow, and it added to the dewy skin look I was going for.

Will I continue to use? I think I will, not as a contour though (which I am guilty of using it for in the past...whoops) but as a light over all bronzy glow.

Left to right: MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden, MAC Paint in Magrittes and MAC Paint in Bare Canvas (I did a horrible job of blending this in, in otherwords, it was me not the product)

MAC paint in Bare Canvas, and Magrittes 

I have had these for a loooong time. These were my first solution to lid primers, as there was no Sephora in Canada (yet), to get Urban Decay's Primer Potion from. I do believe that these predate the paint pots as well. Yikes!

Why I left? Sephora opened in Canada and I got Urban Decay Primer Potion...lol

What brought me back? I wanted something that was going to give my lid a little bit of coverage ( luckily I am so pale that this can be achieved with this product, haha) and I noticed that they had thickened a little bit so the product wouldn't stop squirting out of the tube and gunking up the lid.

Will I continue to use? I think that once these are used up, I won't be repurchasing....do they even make these anymore!?? There are just too many other products out there that I want to try, but..I guess you can never say never.

Have you been reloving anything lately?


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  1. It's always nice finding things you forgot about. :)