Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zebra Nails!!

Last night I had some free time to myself so I decided to break out my Konad Nail Stamping kit and get creative. Here is what I came up with. 
Nail polish used: L'Oreal in High Tide, Konad in Black

I don't use it very often because I have tiny nails and one butterfly takes up my entire thumb, in other words it looks .....odd, haha, but the big pattern prints are alright. It was really difficult to get a perfect application, you tubers make it seem so easy! I kept on stamping it wrong, or smudging it and most of the print went on to my finger because once again, Thumbelina size nails ...oh well practice makes perfect!

I think this would look awesome with any colour underneath OR I could do black nails with white stripes possibly...

So, how is your Wednesday?

Blue zebras


  1. They turned out pretty good, although I can see all the flaws! lol. You can do it with one of those nail art pens to, but it takes sooo long, and isn't as uniform.