Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Z palette thoughts

So...when your makeup collection reaches a certain...fullness, some choose to move to a new home where closets and counterspace are plentiful, others (like me) buy palettes. I have several MAC palettes that I use, but I can't bring myself to pop off the dividers and take advantage of just the magnetic pan underneath (I am a neat freak at heart). So, at Imats Vancouver 2011, I took advantage of the Z palette vendors and bought 2.
Gets dirty like a mutha..
The large zebra print was priced at $21 dollars while the smaller leopard print at $14. I consider this a bargin considering it is really difficult to find a online supplier for this in Canada, not to mention the shipping can be pricey.
Compared to MAC palette, size

Top MAC, bottom Z palette, thickness differences
Compared to the MAC palettes they are definately deeper and larger, with a clear hard plastic top, which allows you to see the contents easily. The palettes themselves are not made of plastic, however, they are actually cardboard...I know this sounds flimsy, but they do feel really sturdy and could probably take a lashing. Ultimately their kryptonite would be water and/or dampness, as I don't expect the cardboard to fare well.

I love them though, especially the smaller one, which will be good for short trips where I don't need to take a lot of makeup along, I can just grab a few pans. Speaking of pans, the zebra palette can fit 21 MAC size ( the size of a quarter) eyeshadows, the ones I have in there now are larger (twoonie size, sorry it is Canadian) and will fit 18 pans. The leopard palette fits 9 MAC pans and 5 large pans.
Ummm we can talk about my horrendous attempt at pressing pigments later...complete fail.

How is your Tuesday? Today I played tourist in my own town, driving down to Summerland to have lunch, visit local wineries and do some shopping.
I bought this really unique cuff bracelet at one of the local stores. It is made of leather and it has a textured, glossy finish. It was inexpensive, and really different, I think. Now that I look at it, it reminds me of a tuxedo...
Fashion mavens please tell me you approve!

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  1. I approve of the whole post there! the cuff, the landscape and the yummy looking salad! And of course the palettes!